St Mary's Catholic High School, Chesterfield

General facts and figures
St Mary's Catholic High School is located in Chesterfield, Derbyshire (England). It is a co-educational comprehensvie school specialised in Modern Foreign Languages. St Mary's was established in 1856 and is a Roman Catholic Faith School. The school belongs to the Diocese of Hallam and is maintained by Derbyshire Local Authority. The school's motto is Gaudium et spes (hope and joy). According to their self-description the education at St Mary's is Catholic and Christ centered.
The school has nearly 1300 pupils (around 250 in Sixth Form). More or less 100 teachers teach there.
Since 1981 the school has been located on a newly built Campus in Newbold, Chesterfield. The school is divided into houses called Alpha, Omega, Pax, Chi Rho, Ichthus, Pneuma. The houses and symbols reflect the school's Catholic principles. Each pupil belongs to a house. Their house symbol is sewed to their school blazers.
The school has excellent and outstanding OFSTED reports and belongs to the best co-educational state comprehensive schools in England.
Due to its Catholic ethos Catholic services are held frequently.
As St Mary's is a Catholic School all Catholic children are admitted to the school regardless of their academic ability. Pupils who are not Catholic but want to attend the school nevertheless have to bring proof of their involvment in a parish, e.g. Protestants bring a letter of their Vicar.

Languages College
St Mary's is a Language College, which means that it is specialised in Modern Foreign languages and recieves funding for that.
The pupils start their Secondary Education with three languages in Year 7: German, French and Spanish. They can quit up to two languages in the next years but have to at least take the GCSE exam in one of the languages. As well, Italian, Japanese and Chinese are taught. There is also a Latin club in lunch break.
Because of the school's Catholic ethos charity is an important issue in the school's policy. The former headteacher received an OBE (Order of the British Empire) for his commitment. The school has managed to built a school in Burkina Faso (Africa) through raising charity money.
In 2003 St Mary's recieved the School Achievements Award for the third time.
St Mary's has s rather strict uniform policy. The uniform is navy blue.
Girls wear a school blazer, skirt and tie, only the white blouses and the navy blue jumpers/cardigans can be chosen by themselves. Shoes have to be black. Up to a certain age (year 9) they are not allowed to wear skin coloured tights and have to wear black ones instead. In summer they wear a school's summer dress and white socks.
Boys wear black or grey school trousers, school blazer, a white shirt and a school tie. Shoes have to be black.
If uniform rules are violated by pupils (e.g. skirts rolled up to make them look shorter, top button of blouse undone...) pupils get warnings and might finally get a detention for their misbehaviour.
For further information on St Mary's uniform policy here.
According to the school's Catholic Ethos perfect behaviour is required in school, around it and on the school buses. The Golden Rule is:
"Everyone must show courtesy, respect and consideration to others at all times and must show a care and respect for our school and its surroundings."
(St Mary's Catholic High School - Golden Rule)

A number of rules have been set up and can as well be found under the above link.
From my own experience as a Language Assistant at St Mary's I can say that the school is very strict in terms of discipline and the pupils are generally well behaved, which makes teaching a lot easier.

More information on the school's website.